About us

JUANPA FARM, located in the coast of Ecuador, is our main producer of Pink Pitahaya Dragon Fruit.

From the tree to your hands!

Our story

JUANPA FARM was acquired by the SUMESA family in 1991, in order to start the planting of fruits that would be used in a new project that the company would undertake.

The project was “the manufacture of juices”; and this idea was developed and created by a member of the Garcia Miranda Family.

Through the next years, Juanpa S.A.; was dedicated to the production, in small scales, of the different varieties of MANGOS to export.

In 2014, on the new administration of Mrs. MARIA BELEN GARCIA MIRANDA; who analyzed the project of producing the Pink PITAHAYA as an exotic export fruit; it was started and she dedicated itself to the technical sowing of the fruit, in order to reach the international market.

On the 20th of May 2014 was the first sowing of 2 lots (#1- #2); then on September 2015, 10 more lots were sown; and It should continued until the projection of having 20 lots on a short time.

Nowadays the farm is currently producing pink and red Pitahaya, Mango and Cacao. The Mango produced at the farm is raw material used at the production of nectar and juice, named “Frutal”.


JUANPA S.A. FARM is located at Daular, in the km 10.5 of the Guayaquil-Chongón road; near to the new Guayaquil International Airport project (Will be open on 2019).

It enjoys warm and humid climate, ideal for sowing non-traditional export products, such as the exotic fruit of PITAHAYA and some other fruits (lemon, mango and cacao).